Sleep a lot - save money!

"Sleep a lot" Bonus program:
From 15 reservations: 5% bonus
From 25 reservations: 10% bonus
From 35 reservations: 15% bonus

Dear guests,

Those who are loyal to landhotel-Neunburg should be rewarded for this and we invite you to benefit from our bonus program "Vielschäfer".

And this is how the "Vielschlafen" function in the Landhotel Neunburg:

Each time you place a reservation in our phone or at, you will get a bonus point after your departure or departure of the guest you have reserved!

As soon as 15 bonus points have been collected in this way within 12 months, you are among the "rich" and benefit from a 5% bonus bonus. A 5% discount will be applied to all regular reservations.

At 25 bonus points, 10% bonus bonuses apply and from 35 bookings that reach us directly in the given period, you even get a 15% bonus on the regular rate. "Lots of sleep" is worthwhile in the Landhotel-Neunburg!

And by the way: also "Langschläfer" are welcome with us!


Your hotel Landhotel Neunburg


Johannes Reger
Hotel manager